NDC 2012

Norwegian Developers Conference  

Continuous testing

06 June 2012 17:40 - 18:40

Writing code means having to juggle several tasks at the same time. Being productive writing code means reducing the number of items you have to juggle. To maximize the focus on writing and analysing code you can use a technique called continuous testing. A continuous testing tool will make sure it builds your code and runs your tests while you write your code. You will have continuous feedback about the current status of your code at all times. This will let you focus on being productive and writing code with minimal distractions.Having written such a tool I would like to share the experience gained through working with and evolving it. I have found that my approach to testing has changed in interesting ways from this experience. In this session we will talk about the psychological and work flow aspects of writing code in a continuous testing environment.Outline:

  • What is continuous testing
  • Distractions as a developer
  • The bare minimum required to be productive
  • Immediate feedback
  • How soon is soon enough
  • Shortened feedback cycle makes other problems more obvious
  • How to get started with continuous testing
  • Acquiring “The flow”
  • How  are your tests related to your production code
  • Driving a development cycle through tests
  • Do you really need the debugger?
  • Q & A