NDC 2012

Norwegian Developers Conference  

Not a Mobile Developer? Not a Developer!

06 June 2012 17:40 - 18:40

Already back in 1999 some smart guys came around predicting that mobile would have been the primary focus of development in only a few years. It actually took a bit more than expected but the era of mobile software arrived at last. Why did it take so long? The answer is surprisingly simple: mobile software needed a critical mass of users to take off. The process of users aggregation started probably with the release of the first iPhone back in 2007 but has today a mass large enough to trigger any sort of chain reactions. Back in 1990 (yes, you read it right) Bill Gates gave a keynote talk at Comdex titled “information at your fingertips”. Let’s be honest, for twenty years we pretended we really had information (we needed) at our fingertips. To stay with the paraphrase, at most we had information at hand; not certainly at fingertips. Now it’s the time, though. With devices everywhere, and especially with a revolutionary Windows coming up,  I believe we’re really entering a new era of development—device computing. Device computing is about smart software that understands the device it is running on and intelligently adapts to the user that holds the device. Smart software is inevitably user-centered: where the user is, what the user may be doing, what the user likes, what the user may need. Developing mobile software is overall simple—no matter the myriad of SDKs and languages. The hardest part is finding proper user stories and deriving adequate use-cases from them. Sounds like a deja-vu? Maybe the idea is nothing new; but we never wrote software like this and this is the only software we may be called to write in five years.