NDC 2012

Norwegian Developers Conference  

MicroService Architecture

06 June 2012 11:40 - 12:40
The confluence of Web success, tools for exploiting the Web, and deep thinking about services has resulted in a new, counter-intuitive architecture at Forward: Micro-services.
These services are very small (hundred lines of code or so), numerous (dozens to hundreds), and yet cooperate to create a powerful, robust, responsive system at Forward in London. Consider this analogy: The human body is long-lived, but individual cells are dying and being replaced constantly. Our system is quite old, but almost no service is older than 6 months.  And new deployments occur every 15 minutes or faster.
In this talk, we discuss the evolution of this structure and the radical shift of processes. We have abandoned many common practices, adopted older practices in some cases, and created new processes and techniques.
Much of Programmer Anarchy can be attributed to this architectural shift, a surprising impact of architecture on process.
Audience: Application and Enterprise Architects, particularly with back-office processing responsibilities
Design & Architecture