NDC 2012

Norwegian Developers Conference  

WebGL What?

06 June 2012 10:20 - 11:20

WebGL!Allocate your buffers, upload to the GPU, write a shader to execute transforms on those buffers and generate something shiny in the browser. Want to learn how to do this? Then this session is for you!We'll not only talk about what WebGL is, but go through a practical example of creating our first WebGL app, covering all the concepts from the process of allocating resources in Javascript to writing your own massively parallel code to execute on the GPU - all from the comfort of your favourite browser*. Don't worry if you've never done 3D graphics or maths before, this session will show you that you don't need to have existing knowledge in order to create wonderful things that even your non-techy friends will be able to appreciate and go "ooh" over.*Unless your favourite browser is IE, sorry!