NDC 2012

Norwegian Developers Conference  
Mike Cohn

Mike Cohn

Mike Cohn is a highly–respected and sought after trainer who is in demand for agile and Scrum training around the globe. He is the author of three very popular agile books; has written numerous articles for magazines, journals, and websites; writes an influential blog;


was a co–founder and past chairperson of the non–profit Agile Alliance; and also co–founded and served on the board of directors of the non–profit Scrum Alliance.
Mike has been an active participant on Scrum projects since 1995… and not just as a consultant. At four different companies, Mike was VP of Development where agile was instrumental to the company’s success. Three of those companies were startups and the other was a Fortune 40 company. Mike has the hands on experience to make his training and coaching relevant to the real business world; it’s not just theoretical with him. And his teaching style includes hands–on experiences for his participants.
Mike has more than fifteen years of experience with Scrum, working in domains from banking to aerospace to video game development—with companies ranging in size from 1 to 400,000. To get a first–hand look at how Mike relates to an audience, check out this video of Mike presenting at Google.
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During NDC 2012, Mike Cohn delivers the following sessions