NDC 2012

Norwegian Developers Conference  

Ralph Squillace

Ralph Squillace is a senior programmer and writer on the Content and Customer Experience team at Microsoft, currently responsible for cloud application patterns in Windows Azure, among other things. When he was young, he did his graduate work in history at the University of California, Berkeley. Yes, he is aware that he is supposed to be an historian; you don't need to tell him.

Instead, Ralph started his career in software as a programming editor for OLE32 and then COM, after which he was a developer for several years, working on tools and applications for Microsoft and several other Seattle-based companies. He began writing articles for developers with the threading, async, and remoting documentation for .NET 1.0. Since then he's been writing SDK samples, sample code, and developer documentation for the .NET Framework, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Azure AppFabric, and Windows Phone, and loves making other platforms work in conjunction with Windows Azure. These days he presents on Windows Azure and cloud development topics for customers around the world, and continues to design and write prescriptive guidance and proven practices documentation for developers with Windows Azure Developer Guidance.

Ralph is currently based in Paris and San Francisco; really, wherever his daughter happens to go to school.

During NDC 2012, Ralph Squillace delivers the following sessions