NDC 2012

Norwegian Developers Conference  
David Geary

David Geary

David Geary is the author of Core HTML5 Canvas to be published by Prentice-Hall in April, 2012.

David is a prolific, passionate, and entertaining public speaker. He has spoken at hundreds of conferences worldwide, including JavaOne, StrangeLoop, The Server-side Symposium, Devoxx, and JAOO. David was a regular speaker for six years on the No Fluff Just Stuff tour, averaging five 90-minute sessions at more than 120 conferences. David is a three-time JavaOne Rock Star.

David has written eight Java books, four of which are best-sellers in their respective categories, including one of the best-selling technical book series of all time: Graphic Java. David has also written numerous articles for several online publications such as JavaWorld and IBM Developerworks. David's three-article series on Developerworks covering JSF alone has had nearly 500,000 views -- and 275 five-star reviews.

After leaving Sun Microsystems in 1997 to start his own company, David helped define server-side Java technology by serving on the JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library, JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0 Expert Groups at Sun. David is the co-author of the best-selling Core JavaServer Faces, and was one of a handful of experts selected by Sun to write questions for Sun's Web Developer Certification Exam.

During NDC 2012, David Geary delivers the following sessions